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Freezing Conditions for the Parent-Child Tournmanet

January 4, 2010

With temperatures barely reaching the low 30s this weekend, parent and child teams faced the freezing conditions this weekend in our annual Parent-Child Invitational at Pine Needles.   In a two day tournament getting the chance to play both courses, teams of all ages bundled up and hit the links.

Carts were completely covered to shun out the wind and portable heaters were the most popular gadget this year.  But despite the completely unfavorable conditions, it’s absolutely incredible how well some of the teams finished.  Listed below are the results for all winners in each division:

Father/Son Division (Age 14 and over)

Gross Division: Charles and Garland Green 70-68-138

Net Division: Dave and Joe Kastelic 66-66-132

Parent/Child Division (Age 11 and under)

Rich and Jake Grula 79-79-158

Mother/Son Division

Janet Alred and Tony McAlister 101-97-198

Father/Daughter Division

Gross Division: Carlos and Sophia Montenegro 82-80-168

Net Division: Terry and Rachel Strow 79-69-148

Professional/Son Division

Pat and Michael McGowan 65-67-132


Michelle Leads Team to Solheim Victory

August 27, 2009

Remember when a young phenom named Michelle Wie barely missed the cut (1 shot) in the men’s Hawaiian Open?  Well, she’s back and playing better than that highly talented and fearless 14-year old from Hawaii.

Michelle was picked as a Captain’s Choice for this year’s Solheim Cup.  Not exactly a risky pick, however, with Michelle’s history of injuries and questionable attitude, Captain Beth Daniel was under a microscope.  The doubters quickly left the playing field.

 What Michelle did last weekend was brilliant!  She lead the team with a 3-0-1 record (31/2 pts. out of 4) and her prodigious drives and stellar putting sent inspirational roars heard everywhere on the course.  That, with her huge smile and fist-pumping, set the stage for a great day of singles matches on Sunday.  USA won the last day singles by a score of 8-4, which gave them the Cup 16-12.

 The two most important elements to becoming a great player (whatever level), in my opinion, are: 1. You must be very positive on the golf course (great attitude) and, 2. You must be an excellent putter.

 Michelle recently went to see Dave Stockton for some help.  Dave happens to be known for being one of the all-time best putters in the history of the game.  (And teachers).  I’ve played several times with Dave…the reputation is well deserved.

 Overall, this weekend we saw a young lady who broke away from the scrutiny of her overly “hands on” parents, played, smiled, and genuinely enjoyed the wonderful competition.  She did herself and her Country proud.

 Watch out for the newest version of “Wie” golf in 2010 as she rips it off the tee, makes putts, and I’m sure will win ALOT.

 Oh, did I mention that she’s “finally matured” and ready to win.  After all, she is the ripe-old age of……yes,….19!

 Enjoy this great game, everyone.

 All the best,                      

 Pat McGowan

There’s more to a Golfari than just Golf…

May 25, 2009

While many joined their families at the beach or fired up the grill for the Memorial Day weekend, the staff at Pine Needles prepared for the fourth and final Ladies Golfari.  The last group of ladies arrived over the weekend with a golf bag on their back and a smile on their faces. 

Over the past four weeks, the Golfari ladies have experienced the very best golf instruction, but most importantly they’ve been able to let their hair down and relax.  While the women are on the golf course during the day improving their games, it’s the nightly festivities many look forward to.  Whether they are enjoying fine food, dancing with Pat McGowan to classic hits played by a favorite local band, the McKenzie Brothers, or chatting casually at dinner with Mrs. Bell, there is always something to do.  

So when this week comes to an end, the ladies will leave not only with new shots to practice and great tans but fantastic stories to tell their friends.  We have 28 members on the ShareGolfari site so far, and everyone is sharing pictures of their time here at Pine Needles.  Visit to see the fun and become a member!  

There’s no rest for the weary as the Pine Needles staff prepare for the Adult Golfari, June 14-19.  Check out our website for more information on all the Golfaris and the events happening around Pine Needles and Mid Pines.

Mrs. Bell and women at the Ladies Golfari

Great First Week of the May Ladies Golfari

May 11, 2009

The first week of the Ladies Golfari has come to an end, and the second session begins today.  The first session was full of fun and top notch instruction from our professionals.  Although it started out rainy, the week definitely ended on a high note with the sun shining and the course in perfect condition.   The ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as almost half signed up for next year before heading home.

For those who attended the first session and want to stay in touch with new and old friends, sign up for ShareGolfari.  Click on the logo on the homepage of our website, and create your profile.  You can post pictures of your stay, connect with fellow golfers, and share your experience for everyone to enjoy.  Some pictures of the first week have already been posted, so go take a look!

We’re looking forward to a repeat performance as the staff at Pine Needles embarks on the second session.  Space is still available for the third and fourth week for ladies to sign up.

Golfari ladies enjoying the Pine Needles course

Golfari ladies enjoying the Pine Needles course

Ladies May Golfari Starting Soon!

April 27, 2009
Pine Needles May 2009 Ladies Only Golfari

     The Ladies Golfaris’ are as expected, for ladies only.  Playing golf at Pine Needles and Mid Pines isn’t a game – it’s an experience.  You are surrounded by 36 stunning holes that meander lazily through the towering longleaf pine trees of southeast North Carolina.  It’s golf the way golf was meant to be – traditional, beautifully designed courses to challenge your skill and take your breath away with their simple beauty.
     Although challenging, our courses are remarkably women-friendly.  Our world-respected, ladies-only sessions promise a very personalized approach to learning and improving your game.

     Designed by the legendary Donald Ross, both Pine Needles and Mid Pines were built with his hallmark passion for strategy rather than brute force. Pine Needles is ranked number one as “Favorite Places to play for women in America” – Golf For Women Magazine.
     Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, we will work to dramatically improve all areas of your game. Each day is a mix of instruction both on the lesson tee and on the golf course, then sit back and relax in the company of friends, new and old.

Click Here to request more information about our Golfaris or call us today at (800) 290-2334.
Dates and Rates:

May ’09 Ladies-Only Golfari
Monday, May 4 – Friday, May 8
Monday, May 11 – Friday, May 15
Monday, May 18 – Friday, May 22
Saturday, May 23 – Wednesday, May 27
Monday, June 1 – Friday, June 5
$2545 Standard / $2645 Deluxe / $2745 Master / $2845 Premier

Early Arrival and Late Departures:
$210 Standard / $220 Deluxe / $230 Master / $240 Premier Rooms 
Ladies Golfari Daily Schedule
7:00-9:00 AM Breakfast Buffet (Dress is Casual)
7:00-8:00 AM Optional Stretching Classes
9:00-9:30 AM Presentation of Day’s Instruction by Peggy Kirk Bell
9:30-12:15 AM Individual Instruction According to Skill Level
12:15-1:30 PM Luncheon Buffet (Dress is Casual)
2:00 PM Afternoon Golf (Participants will alternate golf instruction daily. Example: Monday AM, Tuesday PM; or Monday PM, Tuesday AM, etc.)
7:00-8:15 PM Dinner (Dress is Casual)
8:15-9:15 PM Evening Activities

Note: Upon arrival, you will receive a daily agenda. In the event of inclement weather, Pine Needles’ state of the art inside facilities provide for continued instruction.

Click Here to request more information about our Golfaris or call us today at (800) 290-2334.