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Michelle Leads Team to Solheim Victory

August 27, 2009

Remember when a young phenom named Michelle Wie barely missed the cut (1 shot) in the men’s Hawaiian Open?  Well, she’s back and playing better than that highly talented and fearless 14-year old from Hawaii.

Michelle was picked as a Captain’s Choice for this year’s Solheim Cup.  Not exactly a risky pick, however, with Michelle’s history of injuries and questionable attitude, Captain Beth Daniel was under a microscope.  The doubters quickly left the playing field.

 What Michelle did last weekend was brilliant!  She lead the team with a 3-0-1 record (31/2 pts. out of 4) and her prodigious drives and stellar putting sent inspirational roars heard everywhere on the course.  That, with her huge smile and fist-pumping, set the stage for a great day of singles matches on Sunday.  USA won the last day singles by a score of 8-4, which gave them the Cup 16-12.

 The two most important elements to becoming a great player (whatever level), in my opinion, are: 1. You must be very positive on the golf course (great attitude) and, 2. You must be an excellent putter.

 Michelle recently went to see Dave Stockton for some help.  Dave happens to be known for being one of the all-time best putters in the history of the game.  (And teachers).  I’ve played several times with Dave…the reputation is well deserved.

 Overall, this weekend we saw a young lady who broke away from the scrutiny of her overly “hands on” parents, played, smiled, and genuinely enjoyed the wonderful competition.  She did herself and her Country proud.

 Watch out for the newest version of “Wie” golf in 2010 as she rips it off the tee, makes putts, and I’m sure will win ALOT.

 Oh, did I mention that she’s “finally matured” and ready to win.  After all, she is the ripe-old age of……yes,….19!

 Enjoy this great game, everyone.

 All the best,                      

 Pat McGowan