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Have you seen a bluebird lately?


Although rarely seen by young people today, just a few decades ago bluebirds were the most prevalent songbird in America.

 A shortage of natural cavities for nesting and competition from house sparrows and starlings and other causes have eradicated 90% of the bluebird population. Only a massive effort by man to improve the availability of nesting sites can help the bluebird in its struggle to make a comeback. 

Pine Needles and Mid Pines are helping to bring back the bluebirds. We have 82 bluebird boxes on the golf courses and near the lodges. During the last 15 years we have an average of 325 fledglings each year, totaling over 4500 bluebirds. This year we are at 274 fledglings and still may get a few more, however a cold November and below average winter maybe the cause of our low numbers this year. 

When you come to Pine Needles and Mid Pines, you are more than likely to see a few bluebirds happily flying around looking for insects to feed their young.

-Written by David Frichte, Director of Golf Course and Grounds at Pine Needles and Mid Pines

Enjoy the efforts of Pine Needles and Mid Pines in saving the bluebirds