The 82nd Airborne Arrives at Mid Pines

The beginning of the week brought the men and women of the 82nd Airborne to Mid Pines and Pine Needles.  Both properties worked closely together to host over 200 members of the Army and other government dignitaries for a day long symposium.  

To kick off the event, Mid Pines served a patriotic North Carolina Pig Pickin’ barbeque on Monday night under the tent and lawn off the 18th hole.  It was a perfect setting for all the attendees to relax and gather together before the symposium commenced on Tuesday.  

Pine Needles hosted the meetings in the Reception Center on Tuesday, with top-notch service provided by our staff and KLA Labs.  Any interested members of the 82nd Airborne were also invited to play both courses on Wednesday before departing back to Ft. Bragg.  

The whole event was a great success for both the 82nd Airborne and our properties.  We were honored to have them stay at both Mid Pines and Pine Needles and wish them well on their deployment in August.  We definitely look forward to having them back in the future!


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